Instructions for Use

Heading sections are edited in place as single lines of text.

Sections are edited as blocks of text. Click on a content section to edit, or use tab to navigate to the section and then hit Enter. Hit Control/Command + Enter when done entering content.

In sections for lists:

In the notes section, you can write text in markdown.

There are buttons in each section for:

Keyboard Shortcuts


Right now, printing functionality is: use your browser’s print functionality. This limitation requires some work on your part to print to your desired paper size. First, choose portrait or landscape mode. Landscape often works best. Then open “More settings” in the print dialog. Then choose “Paper size”. Uncheck “Options -> Headers and footers”. Finally, choose “Custom” under “Scale” and scale your page until it fits on a single printed page (the print preview will update as you scale). This number will change based on how much content you’ve put in your page.

This is an example of the print options in a Chrome-based browser (click to reveal) Example print dialog
Firefox is a little bit different and might require you to select "Margins" -> "None". It also fails to hide the footer for as-yet undetermined reasons (click to reveal) Example Firefox print dialog

Data persistence

Daily Page currently saves your main blocks’ content in the browser, so your content should persist day-to-day if you continue to use the same browser. (The date always updates to the current day—ways to consistently customize this coming Soon™.)

If you sign in, your data will be saved to a database and will persist across browsers and sessions. The data from the database will override data stored in your browser, so if you make changes while signed out, signing back in will restore your older data. (Options to control this behavior will be introduced in the future.)

More Help, Feedback, and Bug Reports

I welcome your feedback and bug reports. For now, please just email me using this form.